Eat Me, generative WebXR 360 animation for browsers, ENTER Week 8 (Extended Reality) Organized by NEW INC; Commissioned by OnassisUSA, May 2020.

pickup_artist, Spark AR effect, StoriesXFuture, 2020.

Speculative Habitat for Sponsored Seabirds, Generative 3d animation for the Web,, 2019-2020.

FLARMINGOS, AR app on App Store & Google PLay, 2018-present.

Dance with flARmingos: Interspecies Dance, Software for Artists Day (S4AD) Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, July 8, 2018.

iJacking Hannover, Collaboration with Arthur Clay, October 2018.

Dance with flARmingos AR Sculpture Park, Commissioned by Queens Museum, Conceptual & Technical Platform Development, Curatorial & Collaborative Project with 21 invited int'l artists, Queens Museum, Spring 2016. Pictured: Commissioned work by Tabita Rezaire.

Sole Soaker, 2015, Documentation of standalone Unity app navigation with controller.

Air on the Go, Installation detail, UMOCA, Salt Lake City, 2014-16.

Yard Sale in the Sky, Augmented Reality Skill-sharing & Trade Platform, Curatorial & Collaborative Project, created using Layar, Hoppala, and Craigslist; Multiple venues and cities, Pictured: Joe McKay "Surveillance Camera", Present Company, Brooklyn; 2011-12.

Refresh, Documentation of name change intervention, 2007.

Host, Video still, 1997.